Kundrata Robin


E-mail: robin.kundrata@upol.cz
Phone: +420585634208

Department of Zoology
Faculty of Science
Palacky University
17. listopadu 50
771 46 Olomouc
Czech Republic


Associate Professor

Research program

Diversity, phylogeny, evolution, systematics, classification, morphology, fossil record and ecology of Elateridae (Coleoptera) and related groups


Guarantor of master study program Zoology 2021–2028 (Faculty of Science UP Olomouc)


Zoogeography (ZOO/ZZP)
Phylogeny and Systematics of Invertebrates (part) (ZOO/SBP)
General Zoology (part) (ZOO/OZP, ZOO/OBZO)
Systematic Entomology (part) (ZOO/STENT)
General Entomology (part) (ZOO/OBEN)
Field Practice in Zoology (ZOO/CTP)
Complex Excursion (ZOO/KOMEX)
Field Entomology (ZOO/KTEN)

List of Publications

*          corresponding author

bold    RK + students

1) Articles in International Refereed Journals

Cai, C., Tihelka, E., Giacomelli, M., Lawrence, J. F., Ślipiński A., Kundrata, R., Yamamoto, S., Thayer, M. K., Newton, A. F., Leschen, R. A. B., Gimmel, M. L., Lü, L., Engel, M. S., Bouchard, P., Huang, D., Pisani, D. & Donoghue, P. C. J. (2022). Integrated phylogenomics and fossil data illuminate the evolution of beetles. Royal Society Open Science 9: 211771.

Ferreira, V. S., Solodovnikov, A., Ivie, M. A. & Kundrata, R. (2022). Dominican amber net-winged beetles suggest stable paleoenvironment as a driver for conserved morphology in a paedomorphic lineage. Scientific Reports 12: 5820.

Hoffmannová, J. & Kundrata, R. (2022). Diversity of the paedomorphic snail-eating click-beetle genus Malacogaster Bassi, 1834 (Elateridae: Agrypninae: Drilini) in the Mediterranean. Biology 11: 1503.

Kundrata, R., Hoffmannová, J., Hinson, K.R., Keller, O. & Pačková, G. (2022). Rhagophthalmidae Olivier, 1907 (Coleoptera, Elateroidea): described genera and species, current problems, and prospects for the bioluminescent and paedomorphic beetle lineage. ZooKeys, 1126: 55–130.

Li, Y.-D., Biffi, G., Kundrata, R., Huang, D.-Y. & Cai, C.-Y. (2022). Nothotytthonyx, a new genus of Malthininae (Coleoptera, Cantharidae) from mid-Cretaceous amber of northern Myanmar. ZooKeys 1092: 19–30.

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Qiu, L. & Kundrata, R. (2022). The first record of genus Neocsikia Ôhira & Becker (Coleoptera, Elateridae, Dimini) in China, with the description of a new species. Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology 25: 101965.

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Biffi, G., Rosa, S. P. & Kundrata, R. (2021). Hide-and-seek with tiny neotenic beetles in one of the hottest biodiversity hotspots: Towards an understanding of the real diversity of Jurasaidae (Coleoptera: Elateroidea) in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. Biology 10: 420.

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2) Other articles & Conference Abstracts

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3) Book Chapters

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The first long-horned beetle giving birth to live young discovered in Borneo


The first bioluminescent click beetle discovered in Asia represents a new subfamily


Scientists reconstruct beetles from the Cretaceous



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